Carl Ott, MSEE, PMP

LiDAR - Measuring Distance with Photons

Don Kirkham

Introduction to SharePoint Webhooks with Azure Functions, Queues, and Tables

John SJ Anderson

Logs Are Magic: Why Git Workflows and Commit Structure Should Matter To You

Jason Beres

Best Practices in Design to Code

Andy Ricchuiti

Oh Man, Micro-frontends are Here

Ado Kukic

Papers Please! A Non-Dystopian Look at Modern Authentication

Paul McCollum

Learn the language of Search for 0365 and SharePoint: KQL

Toi Wright

Progressive Web Apps

Michael L Perry

Git as Blockchain

Troy Hunt

I’m Pwned. You’re Pwned. We’re All Pwned.

Randy Walker

Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Cloud BI

Amara Keller

AR You Ready, Watson? (Augmented Reality with Unity and Watson)

Chris Love

Real World Lessons in Progressive Web Application Caching

Jason Fox

Mixing Realities - the new frontier of user experiences

Billy Hollis

Get Your Head in the Cloud

Brandon Minnick

Correcting Common Async/Await Mistakes

Tommy Falgout

Orchestrate Containers with Azure Kubernetes Service

Andrew Strickland

A Developers Guide to Mobile Accessiblity

Jason Craft

Empowering Developers at all Levels

Jim Wooley

C# 6, 7 and beyond

Adam Hill

Oops, You Have A Mobile Enterprise App, What Are You Going To Do Now?

Jason Awbrey

The Independent Developer - Lessons Learned from 4+ Years of Self Employment

Shawn Weisfeld

Give your App/Web Site Superpowers with Cognitive Services

Ron Lyle Dagdag

Running AI on the Edge with Windows ML

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